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What are TikTok Followers & Likes?

Considered as one of the fastest-growing apps in the market, TikTok has seen a whopping 70% increase in terms of downloads from 2018 to 2019, with 188 million new users adding to the 500 million active community of users all over the world. This increase made TikTok the most downloaded app in the Apple App Store in the first quarter of 2019.

It’s no wonder millions of teens and adult users all over the world are getting hooked on the app. As the community of users grows, people become more motivated to share their short videos, 60 seconds or less, featuring themselves or their friends having fun or showcasing their talent in singing, dancing, comedy, or creating appealing video content.

The app allows the user to share their videos to thousands of potential fans and followers all over the world in a matter of seconds. However, for some people, it can get frustrating to continually make content for just a handful of followers only to get a few likes.

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The presence of a lot of other free Tiktok follower providers available on the market may make it hard for Tiktok users to choose which one to sign up to. Our tool offers great advantages for our users, which is why we think ours is your best option.


The service is completely free, no hidden charges, no monthly fees, we don’t even require your personal information. We do not take anything from you in exchange for your free followers on Tiktok.
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How Does Our Service Work?

We are not trying to wipe your eyes, that’s why we want to ensure you fully understand how we can provide you with genuine free followers on TikTok, without having to charge you for this service.

Basically, we are an intermediary company that securely connects you to both sponsors and to paid TikTok follower providers. The operational cost of getting you free followers and likes on TikTok is covered by third party sponsors who would pay in exchange for the money generated by your profile and the tasks you complete on the app, once you have been verified by our system. Without our service and our connection with willing sponsors, TikTok follower providers would have charged you a monthly fee in exchange for followers and likes.

Our tool is completely free for anyone who wishes to join. The platform is very straight-forward, thus, easy to understand and navigate, without any hidden caveats and clauses. You can be assured there are no spam or ads when using our free TikTok Followers tool and you are guaranteed with thousands of real human followers which generates a lot of likes and shares.

It is a secure platform that is compatible with both Android and iOS, so we will not be collecting any personal information. You have the option to turn on proxy to hide your IP address. Our private and secure system ensures there will be no threat of hacking or any other illegal online activities that could happen to your account and information.


Enter Your TikTok Username

Step one is entering your TiKTok Username, WE DO NOT ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD.


Choose A Package

If your username is found you will be asked to select a TikTok Followers & Likes package, choose wisely!


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You may be asked to complete a short but simple survey or add download, this is to ensure you are human, and we promise you as soon as this is completed we will deliver your package.


Sharing Is Caring

Once you have received your followers and likes and are happy with our service please share us on Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Terms and Instructions of Use

Rules are there to be broken – BUT NOT HERE!

Singing up for free Tiktok followers and likes has never been this simple. All you have to do is enter the username of the Tiktok account you want the followers for. The next step is to choose how many followers and likes you want.

After you confirm your choices, you will undergo a verification system to ensure you are not a bot.

Once verified, just sit and wait for your free followers and likes on Tiktok.

A few things to consider: it is advisable to allow a few days before you reach the desired number of followers. A sudden spike in your follower count could alert Tiktok’s system due to suspicious activity, this may result to the suspension or ban of your account.

We also recommend to use our tool once for each account, as we reserve the right to ban users who abuse our system.

For more information please refer to our (Terms and Conditions) OR (Privacy Policy)

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Post Regularly to Gain Popularity

A very important factor on TikTok when it comes to gaining popularity and a following is to post content regularly. This is extremely important to keep your followers engaged and to keep them actively checking your account for new posts. We recommend you setup a posting schedule that best suits your lifestyle. It’s important to stick to the schedule as you will find people will begin to check in with you during these times and they to will look forward to viewing your new content.

Consistency really is the key when it comes to gaining followers and likes, just ensure you post engaging content, have a think about what your going to post and before you do try to add something that makes you unique compared to your competitors. This is also very important as it gives users a reason to follow you and not the others.

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